My favorite things 2:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
my new necklace:
Their pretty smiles:
Patrick and Nicholas and their love for one another:

The breath taking sun:
The beautiful flowers that are blooming:

My dad's team is going to state!!!! Please pray for them!:
Patrick's "peace sign":
Nicholas with my sunglasses on:
-Pictures by Emma Maddux
Thanks! Pray for my dad's team!
Soli Deo Gloria

My favorite things:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking back on pictures and seeing how beautiful God's creation of clouds are:
Nicholas's "serious face":
Patrick, and how he LOVES to play out side:

Nicholas's little hand:
Patrick with his baseball hat on backwards:
Sarah James's missing front tooth:
Nicholas's funny face:... and when he is asleep:)

Beautiful roses:
Patrick in his 147 million orphan shirt (
Ava's laugh:
That Patrick and Nicholas are home for a year:

- pictures by Emma- (i will post "my favorite things" every month to give you pictures and update on my family) Thanks!

Thank You...

Monday, January 16, 2012
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!
"I have a dream that one day we will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

"I have a dream that one day, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers."

-Thank you God for Your purpose of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It started with a dream that turned into something that changed the world, adopting families, and much more. God used Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a BIG part of the world today. It is a true blessing.

One year home...

Saturday, December 24, 2011
We got called to adopt. We (as a family of 5) answered the Lord's call. We started the paper work and waited, waited, and waited until we got our court date. My mom and dad left for Africa, Uganda. They meet Patrick and Nicholas and had to come home without them, because if they stayed, they would have to stay there for 2 months. We waited for another month aching to see Patrick and Nicholas. Then, we got the call that changed our lives. On December 5, 2010 my dad, my mom, and I left to get Patrick and Nicholas! On December 8, 2010 I got to meet them for the first time! Finally, we got to come home on December 15, 2010! Now we are officially a family of 7! Thank you for being apart of our journey!

First haircut!

First snow!
Having fun with family

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Love- Drew, Tara, Emma (11), Ava (8), Sarah James (6), Patrick (4), and Nicholas (3)

One year home!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
the boys are home for one year! What a year getting to know them, love them, and much more! Jesus is wonderful. I could NEVER ask for a better present, now that Patrick and Nicholas are home. "Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17

*I am posting pictures tomorrow*

Thank you for praying, for every thing! Love- The Maddux Family

Fun October!

Friday, October 21, 2011

FALL... Here are some things, and stuff that has happend this October. Well first, fall is offically here for the Maddux family. We are all so excited that it is fall. Here are some pictures of Nicholas and Patrick with a pumpkin.

TRIP... my mom and my aunt went to Haiti this month and got to see my beautiful cousin there. Please pray that they will come home very soon. They are so precious! Here is a picture-

KATIE... Katie Davis who lives in Uganda, wrote a book called Kisses from Katie. She brought her 2 little girls with her, for her book tour, back from Uganda! One of her girls had surgery on her foot! Amazing! I am so glad I got to see them again! here are some pictures...

SCHOOL... Nicholas and Patrick started school in August. They love being "big boys" by walking into their classroom and caring their backpacks. They are so precious. Also they both have their picture up on their classroom's door. NOW THATS REALLY BIG BOY TO THEM! Here are some pictures-

CAR WASH... Finally we found a day were it was warm enough to do our last "car wash" of this year. We puled out all of our riding toys and put them in our drive way. We got our hose, bucket of soapy water, and wash cloths. The boys love to do this. Here are some pictures-

We have had a great year so far, as we lead up to having the boys home for a year!